Saturday, July 25, 2009

Branching out...

I’ve decided the optimal time to be in a new place is longer than two months. My friends here and I all agree that we have just barely hit the point where we feel really comfortable with everything at Yehu and we really understand everything. Now we are ready to dive in and find new things we can improve upon. What a shame that I won’t be around to fully enjoy the benefits.

A few of us were brainstorming about new incentives we can offer to employees, and that conversation evolved into a conversation about redesigning the brand. We’ve been in touch with graphic designer friends and other people who could give input, and we’re all getting really excited at the prospects. This brand – and the incentive-related products we’re coming up with – should be such that employees and clients are proud to associate with the bank.

We also want to advertise after the manner of Safaricom and Zain, which basically means painting an entire building the color that represents the brand, and then stenciling the brand name sporadically all over the place.

We’ve got it all wrong in America with all our billboards. Why not just advertise directly on walls of buildings, homes, fences, whatever? So, okay, Safaricom is lime green and Zain is bright pink, but you have to admit that they stand out. You’ll pay attention and remember, like it or not. I think I will forever associate lime green with Safaricom. Such could be the effect for Yehu.

This idea could go far, depending on how well it is received by the right people. I won’t be around to really implement it, but I am definitely tempted to return later to help paint some buildings.

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