Friday, July 23, 2010

My first week at Yehu - by the numbers

View from Yehu Conference Room
10 Matatu rides (with only 1 that nearly put me in traction from the potholes in the road)
10 mad dashes to the Matatu stop
4 leisurely walks home (including one that included a detour to the beach for a beautiful sunset)
13 new friends at Yehu
7 manuals and materials reviewed
3 meetings with the CEO
24 opportunities identified that will be included in my plan
5 cups of Milo (my favorite ovaltine/cocoa drink that will make me a “future champion”, or so says the packaging)
4 new Kenyan dishes, which included beans and rice, chapati, ugali, beef stew
3 desk assignments:
  1. In a plastic chair on the side of the other intern‘s desk
  2. In the same plastic chair across from the marketing officer at his desk; and
  3. Lastly, the conference table in the top floor conference room (the final one is my favorite, despite the scratching, thrashing alligator that I swear resides on the roof, we have a beautiful view of the water)
1 Friday night out after work which included the movie “Knight and Day” and popcorn at the local cinema and a ride home on a boda boda motorbike taxi.

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