Monday, July 19, 2010

My first day at Yehu Microfinance

After showering and having breakfast, Mel and I rushed the mile out to the Matatu stop (15 passenger vans that transport non-vehicle owning Kenyans around the city for about 40 cents a ride). Although it was a pleasant enough ride, I forgot how disorienting a new city can be. I barely kept up with Mel as she navigated through the crowds and traffic-filled streets to the head office of Yehu.

After I arrived, I was introduced to the staff and had a meeting with Yehu’s CEO, Adet Kachi. We decided on the game plan for the next three weeks since so much information needed to be gathered in a short period of time. After that, I was handed the first of many materials I would be reading over the next three weeks and dove into learning everything I can about Yehu, specifically about their marketing and new product development. My purpose is to make a plan that will help them attain their main goal of self-sustainability. This will ensure they will be able to continue helping the rural women in Kenya become economically independent without worrying about where the funding will come from each year. I realized quickly that this is going to be a challenging, but very rewarding internship.

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