Saturday, August 7, 2010

My Last Week at Yehu by the numbers

2 new computer programs taught

3 discussions about management efficiencies and resource allocation

1 new outside consultant

1 new constitution election

2 visits to the beach (one with my new mat from the village)

9000 shillings spent on souvenirs

1 Kenyan holiday

2 new custom outfits made by Mzungo (oddly, the Kenyan name for white people), my Kenyan seamstress

1 new wikipage communication system set-up

4 new Skype users set-up

2 birthday meals with my roommate Mel (Happy 28th Birthday!!!) - 1 breakfast al a Denise and a much yummier dinner at a local African restaurant

1 Friday night out to the movie "Our Family Wedding" and a dinner at home using the rest of my food, since I was leaving at 3am to start my trip back to the US

1 Happy Intern, excited to start on Yehu's new Marketing and New Product Development Plan

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