Sunday, August 1, 2010

My Second Week at Yehu - by the numbers

15 Matatu rides

1 Ferry ride

3 Beach outings

5 Center meetings - 3 urban, 2 rural

10 Client interviews (3 of which turned into group interviews, which illustrated to me that these groups of borrowers formed by Yehu are strong, cohesive, and truly interested in seeing the whole group succeed, not just themselves)

1 Branch staff meeting (thought it was going to be an hour, ended up lasting 3 - definitely should have brought snacks because the chicklet sized pieces of Juicy Fruit were just not cutting it)

2 Kenyan kongas purchased for future dresses to be custom made by the tailor

10 Cups of Milo and coffee (I am dangerously becoming addicted to the "future champion" beverage and increasing my daily consumption, which I won't be able to get in the US - I just wonder if there a 12 step program for Milo addictions???)

1 Beach bonfire

1 Hand-made mat (gift from the village borrowers)

10 New recommendations to be added to my plan (all derived from the client and staff interviews)

5 Pieces of chocolate cake (in 3 days, but a little known fact was discovered, that if you put a small slice of chocolate cake on a cracker with peanut butter, it actually tastes like a Reese's cup - and then add slices of banana and a cup of Milo and coffee, and you have breakfast)

9 New Yehu friends

1 Friday night out to the movie 'Inception" and a dinner that included a delicious chicken tikka sandwich and Snickers milkshake - YUMMMM!

Another great week indeed. It seems like it is all going so fast, but I am getting so much information that it will probably take me weeks just to process it all. Only 1 more week until I start my journey back to the US!

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